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frequently asked questions

byob stands for bring your own bottle. this means you can bring your own alcoholic drink into the establishment.


we charge a corkage fee of $10 per alcoholic beverage/case of beer. a cup of ice with bottomless ice refills is included with the corkage fee.


dress code after 9pm:

  • no slides

  • no athletic gear

  • no tanks/sleeveless shirts

  • no white/plain tees

  • no durags

  • no sweatpants/sweatsuits

  • no baggy clothing

dress code

  • must be over 18+ with valid ID

  • no outside beverages, chasers, or cups allowed

  • e-cigarettes/vapes are allowed

  • cigars/cigerates are to be smoke outside in designated seating areas

  • rent an ashtray to smoke "other" products inside

  • no standing on furniture

  • must make a purchase or have a reservation to occupy a table

  • 3 people per hookah ($2 charge per extra hookah tip)


hookah menu

HOOKAH MENU STANDARD HOOKAH $35 double kiwi berry apple pineapple cherry guava watermelon blueberry peach coconut mint mango cinnamon grape strawberry lemon vanilla hubbly banana orange PREMIUM HOOKAH $45 F Eternal Smeke watermelon lit lime lit aloha nights choco dream lemon lit peach lit fruity bubble houdini's secret premium favorites lucid dreams love 66 magic love white peach blue mist cherry limeade add fruit juice, ice or coconut milk Upgrade Kaloud lotus $5

snack menu

100% juice $3 carafe cranberry orange pineapple coke diet coke sprite pineapple $10 lemonade orange cranberry soda & juice $3 coke powerade diet coke fanta gold peak tea sprite cup & ice cup & ice cork fee ice bucket $3 $10 $10 chyllout loung drinks & snacks energy drinks red bull $5 monster $7 starbucks frappuccino $7 snacks candy cashew/peanuts pickle bc powder $2 $3 $3 $4 water bottled water fiji water $2 $4

Table Setups

table setups  basic setup $25 great for 1 to 3 guesst 1 carafe 1 ice bucket 3 cups  Mid Setup $85 great for 3 to 5 guest 2 standard hookahs 1 carafe 1 ice bucket 5 cups  Baller setup $110 great for 5 to 9 guest 2 standard hookahs 1 premium hookah 1 carafe 1 ice bucket 9 cups
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