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Frequently Asked Questions

BYOB stands for bring your own bottle. This means you can bring your own alcoholic drink into the establishment.


We charge a corkage fee of $10 per alcoholic beverage/case of beer. a cup of ice with bottomless ice refills is included with the corkage fee.

What is BYOB?

Dress Code After 10PM:

  • No slides

  • No athletic gear

  • No tanks/sleeveless shirts

  • No white/plain tees

  • No durags

  • No sweatpants/sweatsuits

  • No baggy clothing

What's the Dress Code?

  • Must be over 18+ with valid ID

  • E-cigarettes/vapes are allowed

  • Cigars/cigerates are to be smoke outside in designated seating areas

  • Rent an ashtray to smoke "other" products inside

  • No standing on furniture

  • Must make a purchase or have a reservation to occupy a table

  • 3 people per hookah ($2 charge per extra hookah tip)

  • Have FUN!


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